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FEATURE: The First Rolex

rolex 2018

A question often asked is what’s the first good watch to buy. Soon that question will become which Rolex to buy. In regards to that, it shall be once and for all answered. You won’t go wrong with any Oyster Perpetual that fits your budget but more importantly, your wrist.


The Submariner is the to-go model but everyone already has one so to buy one today is a little unimaginative. GMT Master has become a popular choice after the Sub although it commands a higher asking price. Sure it’s an interesting alternative but its size kind of wears me out so let’s move on. Milgauss too is a gravitating choice but its case height is not something comfortable to wear. And oh if the Cellini is the first Rolex you buy, you are one who’s light years ahead, someone from the future. No argument there.


rolex airking review
rolex daydate review

ON THE WRIST: Rolex Day-Date

2018 watch collection

FEATURE: 3-Watch Collection

rolex day date review

Sea Dwellers and Deepsea are for submarines, forget the DayDate as they are better bought as used. The Sky-Dweller is for UFC boxers and so as the YatchMaster II, only uglier. The new Air-King has an unnatural layout and colour combination while the Daytona is impossible to get without a premium slapped on so what’s left are Yatchmaster, basic Oyster Perpetuals and Explorers.


Not sure on why would anyone buy an Explorer II which leaves things to Oyster Perpetual 36/39 (depending on wrist size), Yatchmaster and Explorer. All three are great although a little unexciting to own but if I have to choose, it will be the Yatchmaster. That being said, the decision is ultimately yours.

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