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ON THE WRIST: Rolex Day-Date


The Day Date is one where it seals the deal, reminding oneself how it all started with an Oyster Perpetual, then moving onto other models or even makes and eventually, coming back to Rolex. Given that it is worn by many world leaders, it is little wonder why it is often dubbed, Rolex President, even though the nickname came from its bracelet that is exclusive to the model. Other models can now get pricier than the DD but no matter, the Day Date is the epitome of Rolex and everything else comes second, be it a Daytona or a GMT Master.


An icon

Comfortable dimensions

Looks great on a bracelet

or leather strap


Often confused for a DateJust


36 or 40 mm Diameter

12 mm Thickness

70 hours Power Reserve

100m Water Resistance

43.2 mm  Lug to Lug

From RM 60,000

rolex stripe motif
rolex olive sunburst


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At 36 millimeters, it wears comfortably on the wrist, a lot like its sisters of the same size which is a good thing but also one that’s bad. One in yellow gold will stay in the safe for the rest of your life else suffer the consequence of being mugged. The one in platinum weighs like a truck and priced to the skies which leaves things to either white or rose gold.


This leads to white being pretty much the only option to avoid questions that go something like ‘Are you wearing your girlfriend’s watch?’. With the white gold, the problem is that it's all-too-often mistaken for a DateJust. At least, this helps separate those who actually know from those who pretend to.

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rolex day date review

Personally, I tend to sway towards smaller cases but the larger 40 mil case is whole heartedly recommended because things get seriously interesting with its variety of dials on offer. In 2015, the larger Day-Date was given a fresh, playful look by Rolex standards, an update that was very well received. Be it in sundust olive, diagonal or stripe motif, this iconic Rolex steers away from the classic stereotype where it is only worn by those who are greying. This decision by Rolex is a winner as it feels like it is a whole new generation of Day-Dates instead of just a mild facelift treatment. As a cherry on the cake, they now come with a 5 years warranty.

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Prices start from 50,000 for one with a leather bracelet and goes beyond a hundred thousand ringgit makes it undoubtedly expensive but factor in that it is entirely carved out of precious metal then it seems justified. It is a shame I did not get to capture the craftsmanship of the bracelet of this iconic Rolex as the owner kindly took it off his wrist over a dinner conversation and lent it for a couple of days.

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