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freeloaders say

FEATURE: SH*T Freeloaders Say


Yup freeloaders. Everyone knows one stretching to those days group assignment were done to every group of friends. However, this species continue to use their cunning ability whenever it comes to driving. Not only they are additional weight to the car but the self-declared passion for cars is so flaky where it makes Pinocchio a real boy.


Everyone has got hundreds of friend on social media when in actual all you need is no more than a handful. In every squad, there will always be one who is just too comfortable being driven, they will cling onto every excuse they can think of to avoid buying a car. One of the example would be debating on financing tenure where clearly there is only one answer to that, the will of purchase.

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Since things have always been convenient, the smartest card to play is to ring one of your friends up for that free ride. A wise move indeed since cars run on oil and requires needs maintenance such as tyre change and mechanical replacements. To makes matter worse, freeloaders will pitch it in a manner where it is all down to the whole experience of car ownership. Well, easier said than done.

freeloader say malaysia

Just when things couldn’t be any worse, this breed have the tendency to drop hints to have a go in your ride like it is an honour to chauffer them about. Like every car guy, their rides are precious possessions regardless if it were a Ford Fiesta or a Porsche Carrera and is not up for the destruction of the freeloaders genus.

The love for cars is not something one blatantly says with no work being put in. Many may share that passion of endless exchange of car knowledge but only so few will actually put money on where their mouth is. Of course by saying this, how dare I exchange my humble ride for a 911R. As of now, let's enjoy the many types of freeloaders.

Situation 1: "Hello friend, please keep a lookout for a coupe that promises driving pleasures for about a hundred thousand."

freeloader malaysia

Situation Captain Smart: When meaningless details matter more.

freeloader malaysia

 " Don't expect a free ride

from no one "

- Tim McGraw

Situation: That rare find when specs fit the bill in beautiful condition BUT 7 year's too expensive, 9 year's too long.

freeloaders malaysia

Situation: When a Ferrari is the least of your concerns.

freeloader malaysia

Situation JJ Bush: Your garage is a showroom.

freeloader malaysia

Situation: When statement is based on little to no research.

freeloader malaysia
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