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philips hue starter kit

REVIEW: Philips Hue Starter Kit A60


Smart bulbs are just some coloured lights but we picked some up anyway because we’ve always wanted to find out. After doing work on the computer, reading physical pages and having had some meals, these fancy lights do alter a room’s atmosphere.


The flexibility of choosing any colour at all and dimming functionality certainly is appealing. It is also worth noting that one of these costs over six times an IKEA 1600 lumen bulb so be sure on whether smart lights are what you truly want. In all fairness, it is five or ten bulbs in one saving the trouble of needing to swap one out for another.


Sets the mood

5 bulbs in 1



Only works with a bridge

App can be a lot more intuitive


846 lumen

10 watt

25 000 hours lifetime

RM 899

A$ 289

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philips hue review
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Settings up with the app’s guidance was quick, fairly easy and fun at the same time. Once that’s done, time you’ll never get back will be spent on selecting the perfect colour combinations. Hue lights can sync to games, movies or music that’s playing off the computer, they work but there’s a delay resulting in not much use.

hue starter pack review

There are brighter competing bulbs out there but choosing not to close the door from a huge array of accessories available in the Hue ecosystem does feel safe. The starter kit that comes with a bridge and three bulbs is a good acid test if smart lighting is for you. 

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