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91150 malaysia

FEATURE: 91150 Merdeka Stadium

TUESDAY MAY 28, 2013

Jay was making noise on celebrating Porsche 911's 50th year of existence in Merdeka Stadium, so I agreed just to shut him up. Until Saturday, I decided not to be the loneliest man in a two-seater and brought along Jing Hoong for some record breaking gathering of 200 Porsches in total but they ended up with just 150. To be honest, I wasn't feeling it because the food served wasn't appetising. Still, I tried to live the moment.

porsche stadium merdeka


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The dinner was repulsive but at least we were each given the smallest Starbucks drink of our entire lives. Having to wait over 3 hours, we should have drolled over some heavyweight that made it but instead we spent all of our time goofing about.

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" Massive spoiler. Me like! "

91150 malaysia

" The 911 just got prettier in 2012 "

91150 malaysia

" The giants was pushed

to the back "

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" My pick of the day "

After much waiting, we could finally start our engines and make our run to Merdeka Square but there was more waiting as the VIPs hasn't arrive and so more precious fuel was turned into dust. 20 years later, things started to take shape where the 911s took the lead followed by Caymans and Boxsters then the Panamera and Cayennes. The organisers put boy in white to good use where traffic was stopped for us to make our way through. Now being a part of this cult does feel special.

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More waiting was involved and while we finally made it to the square, every one of us was celebrated by 6700 participants of Colours of 1Malaysia with their heartfelt welcome with smart phones being waved at us. It may have been a brief 5 minutes but I'd say that was the highlight of the night. After the convoy, we took the conversation somewhere quite to go with actual meal.

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