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BUYING GUIDE: Porsche Panamera

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​Porsche Panamera S, 4S, GTS

| Turbo

4.8-litre V8
420hp 520Nm, 430hp 530Nm

| 520hp 700Nm
7-speed PDK
0-100 km/h: 5.1s, 4.8s, 4.4s

| 4.1s
Top speed: 286, 287, 288 km/h

| 305 km/h

From RM 330,000

The Porsche Panamera is a leviathan of a car. Its heft is definitely felt in the corners and when putting it to a stop even while moving in traffic. Those are two of many reasons why it should have carbon brakes on (so as the Cayenne). It is by no means a sports car for its sheer size but if you want something that accommodates four in luxury, nothing out there drives quite like the Panamera. So long if you've ticked the absolute essential extras.

panamera carbon

The first catch is you have got to have one with a V8 on its front since a 3.6 motor just makes you look like you're trying too hard. Active dampers, Burmester audio and my personal favourite on any Porsche in fact, the sports exhaust system. Each one of these options not ticked just robs more of that Panamera involvement away which is like buying a Michelin starred restaurant then eating at McDonalds. For those who fear air suspension, there are upsides to the standard springs as it floats about less over speed bumps and gives a better steering feedback on rear wheel drive flavours.

porsche burmester

In days of late Panamera’s prices are falling into a very affordable price bracket and picking one up might not be difficult but keeping one on the road may be more of an issue. Some half a decade cars (despite being in uninspiring colours) are extremely tempting and hard to not dip your hands into having read the specification sheet loaded with options. Despite that, many that roam the streets took inspiration from Disney's Bare Necessity.

panamera interior

For one, a regular oil change would already cost a good fifteen hundred. Running on 20 inchers will cost another fifteen hundred on each corner. Unpredictable lifetime of air suspensions. The wear and tear of discs and brake pads. The insanely high, complicated calculations involved to make up your road tax. Lastly, fuel shouldn't be quite the problem since it isn't expensive compared to most parts of the world.

panamera red interior

If you could justify all the costs that comes with the Panamera, go for the S models or even the turbo which is frankly an overkill, never the V6. It will present a driving experience where no Mercedes S Class or BMW 7 series could come close. I’ll admit, the prettiest of things it isn’t but neither of the others drive like it nor evokes a presence quite like a Porsche Panamera.

panamera back
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