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FEATURE: Buying Reconditioned


Buying used can save tens of thousand on desirable metal making things that much more accessible but are they worth spending on? There are mainly two types of secondhand cars, locally distributed cars that have been used and reconditioned cars that are usually from England or Japan. The latter is very much in favour as it is not only cheaper to buy but is usually specified with more optional extras compared to locally distributed ones.

A used ’15 Maserati Ghibli will save you a good two hundred thousand ringgit while a recon unit will further save another fifty which is great to be spent on a Royal Oak. The catch with these reconditioned cars is that their history is usually patchy, even those that are their respective brand-approved especially when there is money to be made.

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A precaution to take is to request for their plate and run them through CarDataCheck for actual mileage because most of the time, it’s been tweaked or worse written off in the case of an accident, Japan Car History Check for Japanese import. It simply isn’t possible for a three year old Cayenne to only have done 10,000 kilometres no matter how little it came to use. Plus no one buys a practical SUV for display and there just aren’t that many demo or showroom cars that sit at a dealership for the whole of three years.

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Furthermore locally assembled premium these days are slapped with minimal duties which makes purchase a tad bit easier. Buying a car in the country as numbers suggest, is a thing of importance because a missing airbag could be the very determinant of life or death. 

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