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BEHIND THE WHEEL: Renault Megane RS 265

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Eye-catching looks

Driven at ten tenth


Low value for money in cabin
Dead tiring when in traffic
Seven thousand for yellow paint


2-litre inline-4

265hp 360Nm

6-speed manual

0-100 km/h: 6s

Top speed: 255 km/h

RM 197,888

After having driven the Fiesta ST, I have been completely fallen truly madly deeply in love and left amazed by how brilliant that little thing was. If there’s something that can topple the Ford, it has got to be the King of Hot Hatchery. A Renault Megane R.S. 265. Just by looking at the car, I knew for sure this car means business. Since the local dealer is snobbish and don't allow test drives, we have got our ways.

Renualt Megane RS


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Having buckling up, I could wait no more to make a move. Almost instantly, there is something I am not please with. As compared to the Fiesta ST’s gear lever, entering reverse requires a lot more effort. I have to use both hands to get it in the very first time due to the ergonomics of my hand. Once on the move, shifting is sleek and quick.


Being in the sports category, clutch travel and stiffness are always the factor for engine staling. To make matters worse, Renault has fitted a rest pad right beside it. This then created very little space for someone with a larger shoes on. That aside, it is very easy to stall the car (watch out Shiang) which means, not only you need more practice but it can be tiring after a day of gear shifting.

Renualt Megane interior

I much prefer the stopping strength of the Fiesta ST compared to the Megane's as it is one of those things you just have to believe in. It bites only if you stomp hard like a buffalo but there is not much in terms of the feel department. The ST just gives more assurance to the driver where late braking is much more confidence inspiring.


Having to steer and drive the wheels altogether, the feedback from the steering becomes numb from too much electric play. This is due to its vectoring that tends to center the steering to eliminate torque steer under hard acceleration. However precise the steering is with aim, its four spoke design will not get you laid.

Renualt Megane RS

The Renault Megane is able to take whatever you wish to throw at it. With a press of the RS button, the car transforms into a completely different car. Throttle response is sharpen, engine runs on Viagra and traction control gets turned off entirely. Life as a whole is much simpler here than in the overly complicated Clio RS.

The Megane is a great car if you can push it to limits every single time you take it out for a drive. It only make sense if one were to have the RS as a secondary car since everyday driving will be a chore because it is something that will wear you out at the end of the day. I am one of those who scream save the manual unfortunately I can't for this one. Life goes on, next please.

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