MONDAY MAY 22, 2017

The last I was awake this early was to catch a plane to the other side of the planet. Truth be told, there wasn’t much sleep either in the earlier wee hours owing to the pleasure of pure excitement since it has been way too long since the last Epic Drive. So, what’s in the equation this time? Two 208 GTIs and a couple of ST.


Having the windows down, the smell of greens, fertile soil zing memories from yesterdays. Just as I was admiring a soon to be sunrise, these cheeky hatches have pulled ferry-length distances, my admiration had to come to a premature end as every bit of attention was very much required to keep up. The road surface’s glossy littered with opulent bends, handful of long straights as well as inviting undulations. 


touge malaysia



EPIC DRIVE: Kuala Klawang

touge malaysia

EPIC DRIVE: Bukit Putus

Call it rusty or being on an unfamiliar turf the thing is, poor clipping of one apex will lead to an embarrassing next. So, getting your lines from the beginning is vital because before you know it, the run is already over. Being in hot hatch territory, it was evident all four of them were having a good time slaying corners on the limit which begs the question, which is best? 

Ford’s ST won our hearts two years back and is still a giggle to drive but if you must have a one-car garage, the GTI does a better job. It is for one, airy on the inside, comfortably seats four, may look nicer on the inside that is. Cheaper too. Should you want the best driving hatch, look no further because it’s the Fiesta. Despite that, both will happily shift into second to cog a wheel in the bends.

The atmosphere was filled with turbo hisses, howling from a flat six left more than a few tattoos along B56. Unlike Klawang, Ulu Yam is near which makes it delightful for times in need of that speed fix.

Ulu Yam

Length: 50 kilometres

Address: Hulu Yam, Selangor – Genting Highlands, Pahang

GPS: 3.272922, 101.690845 - 3.424253, 101.792459

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