BEHIND THE WHEEL: Holden Commodore SV6

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Comfortable and roomy
Good performance


Standard suspension setting
Gear shifts are slow


3.6-litre 6-cylinder
280 bhp 350 N
6-speed automatic
0-100 km/h: 7.8s
Top speed: 240 km/h

There are many car companies who many do not know of in Malaysia, and fortunately I manage to get my hands on Australia’s Holden SV6 while traveling. In favour of economy, car companies are downsizing their engine size and having turbos strapped to their engines. I am glad that this isn’t the case for the SV6.

Commodore interior

When I had a look on the car I will be driving, first thing that came to me was the car is all about speed and handling instead of a comfortable cruiser. Interior on the other hand feels roomy and the seats are comfortable. Not only that, the touchscreen infotainment screen is pretty easy to use and straightforward. However only stock speakers were present in this car.

Commodore SV6

After a while, it is time to start the car where the exhaust reminds you of the 3.6L mill turning fuel into dust at the front. On acceleration, the car’s power delivery is instant with a kick on low rev and builds as it climbs to the redline, all thanks to the 280 bhp and 350 Nm output being sent to its rear wheel. The SV6 has a 6-speed automatic transmission where at times the shifts are a little slow. However, this can be eliminated by engaging sport mode and every responses are sharpened.

Holden Commodore

I decided to take it to Caves Road for a scenic drive and to see how the car responds to corners. Approaching the end of the route, it surprised me on how much body roll and understeer while entering sharper bends. This is forgiven since the car’s ride has been setup to be comfortable. In addition to the drive, the steering is substantially weighty, giving me the proper feel at every turn.

Commodore SV6 back

Time has come for me to return the car and head back home and it sure was a nice car to be in regardless if you are driving or being driven. Every instrument, buttons, and knobs are user friendly with properly placed to not disrupt the driver. To me, it’s a car to be driven fast.

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