The latest BMW X3 is now about the size of the 1999’s debut X5 that was marketed as a large family SUV. That is some context as to how much cars have grown in just ten years. An exterior that is dominated by huge front grills takes unnecessary much attention or looking more like a swine than ever. With a sleek body design as a whole, the new X3 possess  considerable goods looks in the world of sport utilities.



Decent tech

Good value


Frugal specification

Flair of material


2.0-litre inline-4

252hp 350Nm 8-speed ZF

0-100 km/h: 6.3s

Top speed: 240 km/h

RM 313,800


mercedes glc 2018

BEHIND THE WHEEL: Mercedes-Benz GLC 250

porsche macan 2018


2020 alfa romeo stelvio

BEHIND THE WHEEL: Alfa Romeo Stelvio

In the cockpit, things look very familiar to BMW owners where everything is easily found even if you’re not one. iDrive is easier than ever to pilot about by being swift, responsive and user-friendly oriented. BMW voice is included as standard where an operator will be able to help you keying in destination on your command because your time is too precious or call the ambulance after you’ve crashed, with a foreign accent.


Seats are wrapped in Vernasca leather which is meant for durability and cost saving measures while Nappa and Merino is still reserved for BMWs higher up in the food chain.

The X3 provides a commanding view ahead but have not sacrifice the driving element, an aspect that certainly attracts BMW buyer. When behind the wheel, this X3 certainly delivers with the latest xDrive calibration and permanent all wheel drive (who cares for fuel when it comes to safety).


Both an Audi Q5 and X3 are driven at all four corners but the mavericks at BMW gave their cars a sportier tune, resulting in superior handling. The 8-speed ZF is flawless like all of their other cars but the engine runs out of lungs rather quickly. Steering too can be engineered to provide more feel to bring about sheer driving pleasure.

At a price tag of around 300 thousand ringgit, the X3 come with a peace of mind 5-year servicing and warranty but this trend is becoming a norm which causes long waiting in-line service schedules. If you are one who cares for safety for your family and do not wish to swerves for potholes, the 2018’s BMW X3 is hard to fault.

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