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 Looks better than ever

Great all rounder

Reclining rear seats


Drives like an Audi


2-litre 4-cylinder

225hp 350Nm
8-speed Tiptronic
0-100 km/h: 7.1 s
Top speed: 222 km/h

From RM 351,000

In the year of 2013, the Audi Q5 got a little more horse power, a new auto box that dashes to 100km/h in 7.1 seconds, yes it is more efficient but that isn't going to win you drag races. After 5 years, you now get a new grill, some revised lights on the front and back, perhaps new bumpers together with a pair of crooked exhaust mufflers. On the inside, the rear bench now reclines while more soft touch materials have been littered around. The car is just so well insulated where it just wafts so smoothly mile after mile.

It also has a new starting price of 328K, upped from 315K. Well this one has got the S line package at 36K which is something essential, Bang & Olufsen Hi-Fi at 6K which is also essential and an MMI system with sat-nav coupled to a reverse camera for 19K which is something I would absolutely think twice because of its steep asking price. So it all adds up to 389K which is more expensive than a Range Rover Evoque which is something quite special, all in all a true SUV. For a 25 thousand premium over the Evoque, you're actually paying for the things you get standard on the Range Rover.

In terms of driving, I clearly remembered the Q5 under steers unwillingly into corners at crazy speeds while the Evoque's rear steps out to get a piece of the action. Also the RR has a more natural weight to its steering than the Q5 which is a big plus in the driving department. Problem is the Evoque is half a second slower despite having more horsepower and less weight. Anyhoo, I prefer the way it drives in an Evoque but to be seated in the back of the Q5. The thing is, they both ride harsh as the Rangie wear 20 inch rubbers while the Q rides on 19 inchers. The Evoque provides soft, luxurious smelling seats but a claustrophobic back.

 " All the S line badging
I could find "

An easy pick to be honest, the Evoque, it has been the 'thing' since its release, it's newer and it's kitted with options that you don't have to pay for like in the Audi but you wouldn't. What's more Range Rovers are never known best for reliability so the Audi Q5 it is.

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