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panerai pam512

ON THE WRIST: Panerai Radiomir PAM 512

MONDAY JUNE 11, 2015

Panerai watches and I have gone through a lengthy love-hate relationship. Forget garnish like multiple complications, what I’m talking about are Panerais that only tell time and nothing else.

I admire them for their simple, well-balanced dial where time could easily be told at a glance. I then came across an Instagram account called Panerai Central filled with wrist shots that includes expensive cars, designer brands or champagne. That has done little to no help as such lavish, extravagant portrayal of lifestyle is repelling.



Easy strap-change



Pricky crown


42 mm Diameter
11.5 mm Thickness
 Water Resistance

60 hours Power Reserve
48.8 mm 
Lug to Lug

RM 24,800


panerai radiomir review

VIDEO: Panerai Radiomir PAM 512

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However, the truest Panerai enthusiasts may not actually be into that sort of habits but it seems people who bought or are having a Panerai in mind post 2010 see themselves fitting into that style of living having bought their first luxury watch. This bunch can be easily singled out by their choice of a Luminor over a Radiomir solely for its crown guard regardless of neither history nor horology excellence.

panerai radiomir 1940

After countless hours of Panerai reading material, I was still left puzzled by it's non-existent teenage days since it started life being a Rolex and went lowkey after the war, resurrected decades later then brought into limelight by steroidal action heroes.

panerai pam 512

" Panerai watches have always been in consideration whenever

making a new acquisition but was never

the one.. until now "

Then there was this time where I stumbled across a Radiomir by accident to only fall head over heels having it laid on my wrist for its commendable craftsmanship together with a slim profile, very un-Panerai. I took a good few days to think it over as I do not wish for it to be an impulsive decision. Days gone by and I cannot help but to bring one home but mind you, I only came to this decision after having Tag Heuers, a Rolex and an Omega, so do think wisely if a Panerai were going to be your first or only luxury watch.

panerai radiomir

I adore the PAM 512 for its sleek dimensions, excellence in craftsmanship as well as accuracy in timekeeping (more so than Omega’s FOIS). One of the many reasons why the trigger was pulled is for its display back. Something for the owner and close friends to appreciate. Although a diameter of 42 millimetres is on the larger side, its slim profile together with curved lugs does make wearing smaller and a lot more comfortable.

panerai radiomir 1940
panerai radiomir
pam 512

However, the 512 isn’t without faults. This Panerai is a bit like a hyperactive child that is not only screaming for attention but is also a constant reminder of its presence with its relatively sharp crown that has drawn blood from metacarpals. Potentially more dangerous on larger Radiomir models so watch out, my fellow comrades.


In order to wind the 512, you would first have to unscrew the crown to wind it then screw it back once it is fully wound. A bit of a two-step process compared to a Speedmaster. Inconvenience aside, the PAM 512 is buttery smooth to wind. 

panerai pam 512

" Most Panerais are very much bulky, slightly unrefined and rough on the edges but the 512 looks every bit a quality product "

panerai pam 512
panerai radiomir

Despite some downsides, there is a bucket load of fun to be had in the process of straps change, an area that has been made very easy by the chaps at Florence.

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