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nomos glashuette

ON THE WRIST: The Nomos I Know


Upon request, you will be sent a catalogue accompanied with prices in your local currency, very neat. We are suckers for such a thing which explains why the wallet bleeds because practices of such feel personal.


Our favourite, the Metro reference 1106 best illustrates the Nomos spirit with its comfortable case size and understated, unpretentious design language. The Nomos watch brand has been under my radar for nearly a decade now and we are all about rooting for the underdog. Should any manufacturer stay true to their passion, they deserve a pat in the back.

nomos metro 1106


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ON THE WRIST: Rolex Air-King

It has to be said that they have tried to keep up with times by enlarging their watch cases in many models in recent times and even came out with an all-new watch called the Autobahn to capitalize off Germany’s infamous highway with no speed limit but ultimately failed to make waves. The problem? Deviating too far from what the company's philosophy is and trying too hard to appeal to the masses. No shame here because we will always stumble in life and the lesson here is to acknowledge and move forward.

nomos dw3001

Their lyrical words on their PR page made things sound very warm and approachable so why not send them an email because what other way to know a company and to better inform our fellow reader. Furthermore, we get to bring awareness to a brand that is still foreign to many.


It took seven months and several emails for them to tell they do not see us fit with their brand when all they needed to do was an arrangement to go with some paperwork. If Master & Dynamic can do that in the midst of a pandemic, we are sure Nomos Glashütte can too. My only guess is their attention is only reserved for the big boys like HODINKEE. 

nomos watch pr

What they fail to see is that those who are looking at these prices for a watch do not see value in the Nomos brand. Sure they are relatively well made for the price they command but loses a chunk once it leaves the retailer. Now, that’s a hard pill to swallow for your average Nomos buyer, not an issue for the Lange buyer. Thing is, the Lange buyer who can take the hit isn’t interested in a Nomos and if they do get one for the sake of curiosity, they often get sold shortly after that. That happened quite often amongst the watch community, at least on this side of the world.

nomos glashuette

That’s an email from a journalist politely asking for something they have got nothing to lose. A loaner is all we are for, not for a complimentary watch. Just imagine being someone who’s put their money in their creation and their watch has gone wrong, I do wonder how soon or how well the dispute will be handled.


What truly raised our eyebrows was their last Christmas giveaway  and at the end of it all by coincidence. Most draws, especially the major ones, were sent to Germany. The comment section confirmed my observation because the stunt was pretty obvious. They want you to tag your friends and share their campaign but aren't drawing prizes in an honest manner. My guess is Nomos’s strategy is targeted at Germans which is usual for a brand hoping to take off. To garner support from the home country before achieving international appeal. All I see is Nomos pushing those who are interested in their brand away.

nomos ownership

Relying on clean Bauhaus design alone is not enough to challenge the Rolex band name one bit. Despite bearing a Seiko name and being made in Japan isn't a big deal as compared to made in Germany for the average person. Thing is, Grand Seiko has risen to the occasion to challenge makers who we already know and love.


On the other hand, Nomos may and will only appeal to a small group of people who think they are either a doctor or someone from the science field for the rest of time. The culture practiced at Nomos does eek through the watches they make which makes it even more important for established publishers to go undercover and speak to manufacturers as who they truly are so in that, we wish the best in Nomos Glashütte.

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