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FEATURE: Sepang Gold Coast


9:45am The Cayman is without a doubt sports car material but I wonder if it would fare well as a long distance grand tourer. So I cooked up a plan where I called along WeiC who is also very into roadtrips, Ham; my beloved sister and Jay who's there just to fill a tiny gap where four maybe, just maybe is better than three. The idea is to get to Sepang Go-Kart Circuit to settle on who's the best driver then to Golden Palm Tree/Sepang Gold Coast and back. It is a course of 188 kilometres which would take 3.15 hours to complete. My weapon of choice was obviously going to be Scarlett while WeiC's a Mini Cooper S.


10:47am The objective was cruising so there were no high speed nonsense of over a 160 kilometres an hour. Traffic was pretty dense along the E6 where heavy vehicles occupy both the slow and middle lane which I do not see while driving in both France and New Zealand. Oh the Cayman, noise in the cabin is rather on the high side where conversations can be difficult when the stereo has already been put to a low volume. As for the ride, it is just about bearable. All you need to do is to regularly apply the throttle and speak louder, that's all. The roads started to narrow as we near our first destination.

11:40am Sepang's go-kart track was looking rather busy so we fooled around and watched on.


BEHIND THE WHEEL: Porsche Cayman

sepang gold coast
wei chung tham

Kids on steroid, they were fast | Feeling rather inspired

Podium goes in a reversed order | Go-kart feel & racing pedigree

golden palm tree resort

12:40pm The resort was far from nice, I very much prefer Hard Rock Hotel but at least there are fewer people here still Pangkor Laut Resort is the ultimate best. That apart, the colour of the ocean is no different from diarrhoea which was extremely unappetising. Unsurprisingly, they serve bad food which are salty and took hours to craft. And so we paid for food, took a buggy back to the lobby and headed for our cars.


2:35pm Just when we thought there was no way to come up with an approach to find out who is best in driving where all variables are kept constant, a kiddy go-kart track magically presented itself just outside the resort. Kiddy or not let's see what's what.

sepang go kart

Wei took the lead but not for long | Overtaking on the outside lineLapping the brown man for the second time, no biggie | And across the line

2:45pm Wei went first followed by me and lastly Jay. According to Jay, he has an edge over us where he had been practicing go-kart mode on Gran Turismo prior to this. WeiC was first until I took over in the second lap and Jay was nowhere in sight. The two of us battled it out till we saw Jay on our fourth lap and lapped him. On my fifth lap, I saw the brown man once more going at snail's pace, there was nothing to be done but to lap him once more. When he was about to be lapped by WeiC the second time, the Marshall ruined it by stopping the race to save Jay from further humiliation.

porsche PCM

4:38pm The thing I worry most was that magazine articles keep saying the Cayman S is the one to get instead of the plain Cayman because the power simply isn't sufficient but in the whole of this journey, the only problem I had was to up-shift because the engine is so rev-happy from the slightest input without having to be put into Sport or Sport Plus mode. At speeds of 130 to 160 km/h, the Cayman really benefited from its rear spoiler keeping lifting at a minimal.


So does it do GT very well? Ermm.. not at all. Satisfactory at best. I'm sure an A4/3-series or a C-class would insulate a lot more noise from the cabin and so as providing more comfort but the way they drive nothing like a Porsche. The Cayman was constantly involving and rewards the driver at every corner. If you would like a better ride, you could always option for PASM (active damper) on Porsche's comprehensive list of equipments. Over the course, Scarlett consumed 9L/100km which is 0.1 better than the catalogue's claim.

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