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mazda mx5 rc review



Having a sports car is fun in many ways, especially one that doesn’t come with a running cost to match its price. There are tyre-destroying cars and there are cars that are just good to look at. However, if I were pointed with a gun to make a choice on my favourite kind of car, it would have a stick. I’ve been told MX-5 is the very definition of joy and if you have one you’ll soon be having two and more. This got to my curiosity and I had to get behind the wheel of one.


If you look up the internet, you’ll be lucky to find ten of them. That number is dropped to two when you select the manual filter. After making several calls, I was lucky enough to have a metal folding roof 2-litre mark III or you’d like to call it NC sent my way. First thing’s first, it’s a gorgeous car to look at, be it roof up or down. And that’s a huge compliment since here at CWO we are always looking at beautiful things like the Carrera and the Carrera.


Ride quality

Sweet handling

Top down fun


Dated interior

Occupant space


2-litre inline-4

160hp 188Nm

6-speed manual

0-100 km/h: 7.8s

Top speed: 212 km/h

RM 220,000

mx5 nc review


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Despite many alluring coupes that have come and gone, the MX-5 manages to stir some excitement at our office. I was the first to have a go and having sat in the driver’s seat, the position’s spot on. Being sat down low coupled with a driver-focused interior is very much true to Mazda’s one horse-one man philosophy. That alone is a good enough reason to excuse myself to go for some tyre screeching session.


Driving experiences don’t get much better by having a perfect seating position with a wheel position at 90 degrees to the driver. Its hydraulic-assisted steering is communicative, meatily weighted that’s filled with feedback. Fold the roof away in 11 seconds, things will get even better as more exhaust notes and cylinders explosions could be heard which constantly tempts me to give it the beans.

mx5 nc interior

As sporty as the MX5 looks, it is a car that is more suited to be driven gracefully where the surrounding blue and greens are enjoyed. It really amazes me how Mazda managed to make a car of this size to handle so predictably and at the same time ride this compliant. If you still wish to drive like your pants is on fire, the car will do exactly that with body roll.

mx5 back

" Don't I look fabulous? "

The clutch has heft but isn’t heavy which will be very much appreciated for long distance drives. The short throw stick though can be a little bit tricky at first where a shift into third instead of first is possible. Despite being a convertible it doesn’t squeak or flex about like a Saab.

mx5 back
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mx5 nc back

The MX5 doesn’t pressure you into pulling as many Gs or shred rubber to get the most out of it. Interior space is snug and boot space is small which makes you bring only the essentials to enjoy the many pleasures of organic motoring. To me, this is a car to have when you already have a car that delivers the numbers. Top down in a Boxster and you’ll look like a douche but in an MX5 nobody judges with envy because it is a Mazda.

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