EPIC DRIVE: Kuala Klawang


Not knowing what to do on a Sunday morning, we gathered six people to an expedition in hopes to uncover the myth of The Great Klawang. We had a front driven Audi A6 Hybrid, rear powered Porsche Cayman and an all-wheel-drive Volkwagen Tiguan. We decided to gather at Cyberjaya then begin a course that required us to travel south through the busy streets of Klang Valley. After having our tyres filled with air, our expedition began at about ten thirty anti meridian where the navigation on the A6 was on the job to lead us through the shortest passage.


bukit putus touge

EPIC DRIVE: Bukit Putus

malaysia touge




We then set the course back to KL for lunch hoping to have something before we exit. With little to no traffic at all, a span of twisty road magically appeared, this stretch is called N32. Having the leading A6 gone all out, engaging the dynamic mode while only being able to partially disable the traction control in the A6, the tail does get loose, messy even when pushed by the driver. This stretch is particularly twisty and narrow, where keeping the A6 in line was a struggle.


In the Cayman, there wasn’t much sweat until it was presented the N32. Understeer creeped in once in a while so it was best to activate Sport and keep it that way. The car does rotation in a positive manner, give it more poke then the driver would have to deal with minor correction from over or understeer. Raspy sounds of flat-6 seated in the middle at full song fills the cabin, which further adds to the drama. As for the Tiguan, things aren't doing too well as it was quickly separated after just two corners. Tyre squeals came on early together with traction control and body roll made its presence clear in the slightest of turns.

As all good things come to an end, we made out way out past Lookout Point to have a glance over the concrete jungle of Kuala Lumpur. We took our time looking on the view (despite being hazy) reminiscing on how far we have come since the day we first got our driving license. Signs of fatigue, both physically and mentally could be seen on the drivers during lunch. A fruitful lunch was then followed by a cup of coffee to talk over the highlights in each of our cars.

After a trip of close to 500 kilometres, our final thoughts were as follow; the hydraulic steering setup has reminded me once again on one of the many reasons why the Cayman was chosen over other cars in its price bracket. The A6 wished for more engine noise as well as a more involving experience. As for the Tiguan, well it simply wasn’t meant to deal with those bends. The drops and dives that N32 had presented us will live in our thoughts for months to come bringing us smiles for somehow cheated death before we surrender ourselves to lucid dreams.

Kuala Klawang
Length: 20.3 kilometer
Address: 71650 Kuala Klawang, Negeri Sembilan
GPS: 3.117551, 101.959400

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