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FEATURE: Don't Buy a 911


Back in 2010, the price of a 5-year old Carrera S hovers at about 300k. Fast forward seven years, one will cost you a dear 500. Porsche have been upping their prices of the 911? Or weakening of the ringgit? Affordability of a great sportscar has slipped out of the reach us plebeians and that is especially sad for us petrol heads.


In all honesty, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because the gen-1 991 is more of a ‘shuit cha’ 911 than a full-on oolong 997. Since birth, the 991.1 have been the proposition for balding middle aged men with muffin tops. For those who cannot withstand slightly racier springs and chatter from a hydraulic rack which scares them every time the speedo reads 80 kilometres per hour.

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porsche 997 carrera

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The Carrera name used to signify special things during the days of the 356 but today, it is an entry ticket to the tall hierarchy of 911s. Having stretched its dimension for its seventh incarnation, Carrera models have very much become grand tourers instead of a sports car that it once was. A real convenience to give 718, GT and RS models more room to breathe. That said, it is certainly more exciting than a 6 series but being an heir to the 911 lineage, it falls a little short.


In time to come, I suspect the first generation 991s wouldn’t hold their value as well as its predecessor given its huge production volume and till the arrival of that day, we could all have ourselves a Porsche 911.

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