LONG TIMER: Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

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First and foremost I'd like to apologise for not giving much attention on practical cars that are equally as fast. The reason for that is Porsches are relatively practical and most importantly they are more affordable than ever, especially where their top of the tree 911 (997) has dipped below the 300 thousand mark. The catch with the finest from Stuttgart is you will need to shell out quite a bit more for the lack of standard equipments or rather essential ones. So it is wise to seek for one where its previous owner has paid for as many of those.


Fuel economy

Build quality

Slow depreciation


Still prefer a rear

driven version


 3.8-litre flat-6

385hp 420Nm

7-speed PDK

0-100 km/h: 4.5s

4.3s (Sports Plus mode)

Top speed: 295 km/h

From RM 930,000


997 4s front
997 Carrera 4S


porsche cayman malaysia
porsche cayene reliability
porsche carrera reliability

I was very fond of the Carrera 4S which I've driven not too long ago where I absolutely adore the Sports Exhaust System but not entirely heads over heels. Well the reason for that is that it has an all-wheel-drive capability instead of the standard that only drives the rear wheels. Despite being rear biased which can be felt during aggressive turn-ins but there isn't snow in Malaysia so I do not see the point when the standard Carrera is already having plenty of grip. What I think of the 4S is that it merely burns more fuel and makes the 911 less engaging.

carrera 4s back

So this time I took the passenger seat to find out what is life like being a co-driver. The first thing I did is lower the hind seats to let more noise into the cabin. Me personally, I can't help but to think the sports exhaust system is genuinely a necessity in a car like this. For a change, the 4S was taken into Penchala Link's tunnel for some sound testing, some parts of Mont Kiara then back for more straight line trashing along Jalan Leong Yew Koh.


My favourite settings for the 4S is to set it in Sports, switch PASM to normal and leave Sport Exhaust on. In spite of the Carrera's engine power being delivered smoothly, the feel of its acceleration can be brutal.. something I did not notice while I was taking control. Its PDK box did very well on the up shifts but downshifting could still be faster. As for the exhausts, they might not sound loud in the cabin but on the outside, believe me they are. Not Lamborghini or Ferrari loud but not far behind either which explained why cars that were road hogging made way for the Carrera.

carrera white

Other things that are worth mentioning are that it has got Porsche crest embossed on its headrests, Alcantara roof lining, Carrera 4S embossed on the lid of the storage bin, Carrera white instrument dials and centre console painted in black. Those are merely cosmetic changes which don't make the car any faster but are nice to have. It's also got PCM 3.0 and sound package plus but music can't really be heard. What's really worth noting are the sports seats plus which were more supportive than the standard ones, especially in the shoulder area. And oh the adaptive bi-xenon headlamps works a treat.

997 4s
997 carrera 4s
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