Books are always a form of inspiration for us. Having them physically in the hands feeling the pages is an involvement that’s tough to replace. Though we love our ebooks, some books are just better in print.

Modern Color

This is one with just the right amount of foreword on Fred Herzog, the time and place to kickstart things. The publisher has put a substantial amount of attention to detail in printing, layout and binding on this book. It easy to go though 300 photo-filled pages. Some embossing on its hardcover certainly adds to the experience.

Less is More

Written in both English and German which can get wordy as it takes each reader into a journey of design and its influence over time. The use of several types (a good three) of paper and the inclusion of early drafts further draws participation. One has to have a lot of interest in Dieter Rams or industrial design to fully appreciate this book.


An annual subscription comes with exclusive videos and a copy of their publication will be sent every quarter. Since it is their first go, we had our reservations. Each comes wrapped in a sheet stamped with Petrolicious logo and an envelope securing all that goodness. Despite that, they tend to still get dented edges from shipping.


Doubts are all gone from flipping a few pages as it is beautifully put together. From the use of typeface, quality of content to photography, the team at Petrolicious demonstrates automobile journalism at its best. The choice of paper and definition of print for $129, inclusive of postage, there’s just nothing to complaint.


If you’re into cars, especially classic ones, it is one to love. They have done an excellent job at spotlighting proper cars by painting driving experiences to life with words. Not quite Henry Catchpole in terms of writing nonetheless an interesting alternative.

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